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July 22, 2013
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PKJP: Puchi by Tsurana PKJP: Puchi by Tsurana


Puchi:U-Um.... H-Hi....//hides


A very very shy and scared Joltik




August 26






Mechanic //is secretly tutoring her self to be better at mechanics





She's timid because she is really short girl and those who are over that high, she finds a bit nerve racking. So then, she shows a lack of courage and confidence to do what she can. But that's only when she's around with other large size people. She is really strong and brave---- only when she's alone. what's the point then----- //kick

Move Set

- D I S C H A R G E

Only used when she must. It takes a large amount of her strength to make this move happen due to her weak body. Though, the longer she really charge the mass of the effect increases. So don't get a weak self trick you//shot Has at least 30% chance of paralyzing the foe if she is confident enough.

- L E E C H L I F E

The only way for Puchi to use to heal herself other than using potions and such, she will mostly use leech life to take the opponent's hp to heal herself only when she needs it. Normally, she would recover 50% of the hp she drained but she will be holding Big root with her, causing the effect to be 65% of the damage that was taken on the target.


When Puchi was a little girl, she had this huge facination of repairing and creating many different things. She sorted it out of making a romote control car that ended up working till about 3 years after and it broke down. By this time, she's around 6 years old. She tilted her head and started playing around with a wrench and a screw driver and attempted to make it work again. By this time, she realized that she loves to repair objects that is in need of repairs. From that point on, she plans to become a mechanic. But that dream lost it's shine after an event when she was 8 years old. Her parents asked Puchi to come to them to a repair shop. Her eyes glittered in happiness and was happy that she can be a huge help to her parents. As they arrived at their repair shop, her eyes was glued to the massive car that is in bad shape. She looked around it and found at least 10 different things that made the car dangerous to use from it's shape. She promised the owner of the car and her parents that she will make it work properly in 3 days.

Day and night, she worked hard on the broken machine. She ignored any eating time, sleeping time, and even playing time with her parents. Her father was a bit concern about her health, of not eating or sleeping properly, he smiles and bough a large Joltik Plushie for her. Puchi was a bit confused and looked up to her father with a confused face. His old smile made her heart warm up and hugged the joltik plushie really hard. The father was surprised that Puchi immediately fell asleep on the small pillow. He placed a warm cozy blanket over her and slept next to her. The third day arrived and Puchi was pumped as ever. She only ate once and that was the morning of the 3rd day. The owner came up and looked at Puchi. He then asked if it was safe to drive. Puchi smiles brightly and side that it's ready to go. The joltik quickly gathered her things and stood on the side, away from the car. Signalling that it's safe to go. As the owner started up the car, Puchi realized that she forgot to fix something in the car. She ran up to the car and yelled out, "DON'T PRESS THE GAS PEDAL!!!!!!!!"

But it was too late.

The owner couldn't hear her and immediately pressed the pedal. Because of Puchi's short height, the owner didn't see her. And the vehical was large. It's was like a truck but a van. Puchi's eyes widen as the lights glowed right at her. Her parents came running down the stairs after they heard her yell. But they came to see the car at the wall, owner badly bruised, the car officially broken because of the damage of the engine. But where is Puchi? It was only moments later that they saw blood coming out at the bottom of the damaged vehicle.

From that accident, to about 3 years later, Puchi was in a coma. Many doctors panicked as they realized that Puchi was about to die. They barely saved her fate. Her parents was displeased at the unconcious Puchi. The mother was extremely mad at Puchi because "she had to pay" all the damage that was caused at that scene. Puchi opens her eyes to see her parents again. But she felt extremely scared, not because of her mother's angry eyes, but that she couldn't face her supporters the same way again. She let them down. She disappointed them. It was her fault for not properly fixing the damage before it damaged some more. Her mother couldn't stand seeing Puchi again and said, "YOU DISAPPOINTED ME. YOU ARE A USELESS DAUGHTER. A FAILIURE. I DON'T WANT TO SEE YOU AGAIN. I DON'T WANT TO BE YOUR MOTHER ANYMORE," and immediately stormed out of the hospital room. Her father, still feels sad but doesn't know either to stay with the joltik or .... go some where else.

"Puchi" He could hear Puchi's sobbing and hics. Her wheezing and her tears that fell down onto her clothing. She was heart broken. She never thought her mother would be that angry but it was all her fault to start with. Puchi's tears fell even more, as if it was an never ending river of tears. She could hear her father's soft voice, calling out her name. She looked up, tears coming out some more by just seeing his face but kept her face up high. He was the only person that was gentle to her. "... You forgot your plushie" He smiles and brought out the plushie. Some of Puchi's tears stopped falling as her eyes fell upon the joltik plushie. She pulls out her hands and gently grabs onto the plushie and hugged it tightly. The soft texture relaxes her body and she became calmer than just now. " ... You did nothing wrong my daughter. Keep your head up high. Don't let the bad compliments take over you. You are your own person, you have the right to become stronger. And become the person you are," He smiles. She missed feeling this warmth even if it has been at least 4 years.

1 year later, Puchi is 11 years old. She had another greatest accident that happened in her life. And that was when her father was shot at a scene at a mall. The gun was more towards to her than her father. They were sopose to go out and buy new clothing for puchi. She was excited. When they enter the mall, a gun shot happened and was targetting Puchi. Puchi didn't realized what was happening till he saw his father moved in front of her and said,"RUN PUCHI!!" Her eyes widen some more when she saw her father fallen in front of her. Her heart dropped and immediately ran off to shelter, into the hospital. Her eyes couldn't stopped crying. She lost a person that she cares alot of. She lost her only hope to keep forward. And she lost a very precious family member. She clings onto the plushie as the doctors checked her up.

"You have a chance to not be able to live a long life Puchi," The doctor said. She felt her body throb. She couldn't see anything. But in pitch blackness. She realized that she fallen in stress. But in her dark and empty mind, she was all alone. She sat down on the non visible floors and curled up to a ball. Tears falling and her whimpering echoed. She was all alone. No one is left to be with her. When she opened her eyes, she glances at the people. She somehow suddenly felt really scared.

"I-I don't want anyone to be close to me.... I-I don't want them to get hurt..." She thought to herself 3 years later. Now, a 14 year old is now walking around the large area filled with other pokemons. She visited the tech area. Her eyes suddenly glittered as she saw the job as a mechanic. As the memory of the accident appeared, her body shuttered. And suddenly heard her father's voice. "... You did nothing wrong my daughter. Keep your head up high. Don't let the bad compliments take over you. You are your own person, you have the right to become stronger. And become the person you are," It echoed through her head, giving her positive face up, she will again aim to become a mechanic. Even if her life has a chance to die faster than the rest. This was her dream to begin with since she was a little kid.

Let's start Puchi's pokepark adventure!


- Sweets
- Friends //but she won't be able to make any if she can't interact with them//
- Edan
- Cameron
- Her Joltik Plushie
- Her Pikachu Plushie
- Technolgy
- Mechanics


- Being by her self
- Being around with alot of pokemons
- Getting hurt
- Not being helpful
- Being a bother
- Being told that she was a failiure or a useless object
- Intimidating people/ or people that has intimidate on them



So she can obtain the ability to drain more hp than normal.


//in Puchi's eyes//

- Edan "I-I-I don't know.... b-be-being around... him.. is... um... more c-comfortable.... th-th-than... the other people??? H--H-He is also.. um... really shy and ... I-I feel like I understand him...-- and happens ... to .. um be ... the only one that I can be calm around.... " //flees

- Cameron:".... UMM.... " //fiddles fingers// "Wh-Wh-What to say.... umm.... He is a really really.... um... kind and .. uh... gentle guy..--- I don't know what to say....!!" //flees

- Theodore: 'H-H-He's a really um nice person q /// w /// q He's still taller than me, yet he's younger but that's alright, he's one of the really nice guys around here."

- Poncho: "He's.... really.... really scary... and... almost burnt... me alive.... maybe... became the person... I-I really...don't like... to be with.... //flees"

- Xavier: "H-He's a really really nice guy... He... kinda spooked me when we met... but... it was really nice of him... to show me... what an ice cream is... and what it tastes like O // v // O"

- Noba: "He's also really nice guy. He kinda spooked me alot because of his eyes, but his soft atmosphere when I came to the tech area was warm and welcoming...."

- Annise: "She's th-the first girl... that was really nice to me when we met.... Well Um, she was really the first girl I met when I came to this place q w q She's really nice, and helped me find my plushie.. I couldn't thank her enough, even if she... um, didn't know how much I want to say thank you... a billion times..."

- Luze: "H-He's really nice... Um, and... um... well... he's just really nice guy, though... his i-intimidate was.... really scarey, he even tried to cover his... eyes to make me ... um feel better and more comfortable so I think.. that he's really thought ful.... "

- Logan: "I'm still a little uneasy around him when he mentioned about porn... and stuff, but he has a really intreseting side. I-I mean like, he said that we look related... but i still don't know what it means but it was really kind to say that since I.... I don't really have a family anymore...."

- Rayden: "H-He is really protective! I-I mean like, he really was kind, but his... his... his height was extremely scary..... I-I mean, h-he's a 6"7 and I'm..... a really small person.... B-but if I knew that having a big brother feels like, he's like a big brother to me.... (/) //// ()"

- Benjamin: "H-He's a really kind and talented guy! H-H-He knows how to throw and catch and throw 3 balls at the sam-same time and um he can make a dog out of a balloon! ... H-He also flew me all the way to the... um.. cove area? H-H-He said that I can learn how to swim from one of the people he knows... H-He's a really kind and generous man! But really tall...."

:iconpuchiiconplz: "U-Um.... wh-why is everyone so tall....? Q A Q"


Q 7 Q Ah my young too shy joltik ahaha //crais in corner// But I hope I get in... ; 7 ; Ughhh... I-I did my description part at the last minute... stupid slow laptop ; ^ ;

I hope you like her!!


Art ~Tsurana
Puchi ~Tsurana
Joltik Rightful Owner
Mentioned other Pokemon Character Rightful owners
#Pokejinka-Park ~KT-Chewy
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Well, I don't know if I already commented on this masterpiece, so I should do it now uwu :heart:

I must say I love her, she's adorable and I'd love to RP with her with my bby Theo ;w;
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 Theodore: The kid was bored, with his hands in his pockets, looking for someone to play with. He then spotted Puchi, and approached her, glad to find a known face. "Hello, Puchi!" He wagged his tail a little, and smiled. "How are you?"
Tsurana Featured By Owner Aug 20, 2013  Student Digital Artist
djkfhsd but I said it isn't Q // A // Q

Ahahaha yeah xD Okays~

:iconpuchiiconplz: Puchi: The girl was busy fixing an engine for a train in the tech area. Her heart dropped when someone approached to yet it was still a familiar voice. She turned her head to see the sandshrew. "O-Oh um... Th-Theodore," she said, relief that it was someone she semi knows. "U-Um t-tired I guess..." she puts away her tools into her tools box and stood up, "Wh-what about you?" she said smiling and tilting her head.
Feligriffin Featured By Owner Aug 20, 2013  Student General Artist
Theodore: He saw the girl doing all of those sciency stuff, and tilted his head, approaching curiously. "I'm good... bored to be honest." He said, looking at the tool box. Theo was not used to science, he was most likely to play in sand and earthy things. "What are you doing?" He pointed at the tool box, and frowned. "And what are those things?" 
Tsurana Featured By Owner Aug 20, 2013  Student Digital Artist
:iconpuchiiconplz: Puchi: She gently smiles and she holds her tool box, "Well... um... It's just basically a box that has my screws, screw drivers, drills, wrench, hammers, nails, nuts, bolts, and lots of other stuff!," she said proudly. She walks over to a side and stood on chair to place the box on a shelf, "So... um, what brings you here to the tech area?" she asked shyly, scratching the side of her neck, "W-Well... I-I know... that you-you're not part of this area...." she slowly gets to her nervous and shy side.
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Sonatina101 Featured By Owner Aug 16, 2013  Hobbyist Digital Artist
she's such a cutie >u<
Tsurana Featured By Owner Aug 17, 2013  Student Digital Artist
Amg thank chu so much~ <3333 q /// 7 //// q

Puchi: B-But I-I'm not cute.....///// //hides
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