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REV: Aijou Kakumau by Tsurana REV: Aijou Kakumau by Tsurana

:new:EDIT: whoops, I didn't get in u v u, but it was fun roleplay crack rps in the chats, I'll try to get in next time they get an opening!:new:

amg a DMMD inspired group--- looks bootiful---- amg amazing artists //smashes my poor art at it//
It looked really interesting, so I hope I get in... :iconblushuplz:
Good luck to the other people too! And Good luck at choosing and deciding the members Mods! Q // v // Q
H U M A N -------- B E I N G


Aijou Kakumau




5"10 / 178 cm


180 lbs

Birthday & Star Sign

April 5 (Aries)



Education & Job

Currently in University at Ooi
And is working as a part time, Dancing instructor



Tag Tattoo Location








Shikoku Inu (Adult)


54 cm / 1"8 feet


|Silent| |Menacing to Aijou| |Protective| |Friendly| |Gentle|

Katei was programmed to keep an eye on his master, Aijou. Since he was given to the boy at a young age, he knows all the symptoms of the boy's heart. Such as the actions when he's sad, or the sound of his voice if he's happy or not. Katei was also programmed to take care of Aijou, no matter how independent he is, Katei knew well that he has to protect him with his small dog body. He was Aijou's only friend. His only best friend.

When interacting with other people and Allmates, he barely ever talks. He usually has a permanent angry face when he's friendly.
B A C K ---------- T O ----------- H U M A N ---------- B E I N G


|Kind| |Happy| |Joyful| |Friendly| |Energetic|~~~~ |Shy| |Silent| |Lonely| |Sad| |Cries easily|

Kind; He welcomes anyone who comes to greet him. No matter what, he never lets anyone feel hurt around him. If someone's hurt, he helps them. If someone's needs help, he'll go to them. He wants to be useful to anyone around him. Stranger or friend.

Happy; Often alot of people will find Aijou with a smile of his face. No matter what. Many people only sees him happy, and never any other emotion. Aijou finds that everything is a positive thing when he looks at the bright side of them. He is mainly happy when eating his favorite treat, taiyaki and okonomiyaki.

Joyful; Aijou uses this emotion as a mask whenever hiding his deepest feelings. He often jokes around so that he could use it as a distraction in front of people. Aijou gets a bit hyper when he really feels happy. And gets carried away half the time.

Friendly;  Being associated with 'Kind', he wants to make more friends that he does with enemies. Aijou would always ask anyone if they want a candy, because Aijou always seems to buy enough to go around. He is always kind to everyone around him.

Energetic; He is often found very hyper. When he talks to someone for a while, he starts to get close to them. Resulting of him acting like a little kid, despite of him being 21. He is easily attracted to beautiful and shiny things. Not only that, he is also takes in interest on mysteriously-like people that goes by him. Many people find him adorable while others think of him, slightly annoying.

~~~~~ {hidden self} ~~~~~~

Shy; Many people think that he isn't that shy when he interacts with people. But in the inside, Aijou behaves differently, he's actually really scared of talking to strangers. He forces himself to act differently than he really is. He first hesitates before acting friendly.

Silent; Aijou when he's all by himself or only has Katei with him, he barely talks. His heart gets torned when he keeps thinking about his lonliness when he was young. The boy always feels like he needs to be quiet so he will often excuse himself and go to an area where he can be alone or be with Katei privately. Even Aijou gets tired of being happy all the time.

Lonely; The boy is affected by his childhood when both his parents aren't with him 90 % of the time. When he was using his happy mask, he was happy that he was surrounded by a lot of people. But each time he was happy for his existence, brings more burden down his chest. He knew everytime how badly it hurts everytime being reminded how lonely he was. His only friend, Katei was always with him. It hurt him of how much he wanted to be in a 'true family'.

Sad; His childhood really impacted on him, his parents would always said that they will come back soon. And Aijou always thought that they would until they didn't come to say happy birthday 6 years in a row. All Aijou could think was how sad his childhood was when no one but Katei greeted him on his birthdays. Aijou would always mutter to himself on how he should been better when he was young. So his parents would actually did come home.

Cries Easily; Aijou is very sensitive. This happens either his mask was on or not, if his heart just needed to burst with all the feelings that it contained, Aijou would cry out loud. He often cries to pain, burden, or happiness. Aijou is not capable of holding in his tears and has no choice to let it out. No matter what he does, crying is his feared weakness.

(**Summary with 342 words)

Aijou was a lonely child when he was born. Both his parents would be out working and he would be left at home, being taken cared of by his parent's friends. One day, those friends disappeared, and Aijou had to take care of himself. At age 4, he finally met his parents. Though, he didn't recognized them, due to the interactions between them. But it was made up when they began making memories with him, and he felt complete... something that was missing in his life has been filled. But it didn't take long after they disappeared once again.

Ever since they departed from him, Aijou haven't heard anything from them. Even to say 'Happy Birthday,'. Aijou began to change his personality in public, so no one outside of his family, could see his loneliness. That was when Aijou can't trust anyone, enough to show them his true feelings and desire.

Suddenly, one day, a commotion about a company collapsing was all over the school. But Aijou didn't exactly know what was going on. He thought that it was just a rumor, so the news weren't a big impact on him. When he got home, he met his Allmate, sleeping on the floor until Aijou touched it's fur. It's been a long time that there is someone other than him in the home. This made him happy-- until he read the letter on the counter. "You will find a dog in your home. He will be your friend as we are not with you. So please, don't feel lonely," And that moment, he felt that he lost something precious again.

Several years past and Aijou successfully got the hang of being happy on the outside. He got into a university in Ooi and is currently working as a dancing instructor for part-time. Aijou heard some people talking about the game 'Rhyme' and he got interested since he wasn't really up to date with all the popular trends. So Aijou decided to try it out.

"Maybe.. This could help me forget my loneliness.."

(**More detailed history containing 963 words here)


Katei {Allmate}: His only friend. He tells everything to Katei, and Katei would always listen to him, no matter what the topic is. Aijou has no intensions on changing his pal. "I love Katei, he's my best friend and I act like myself around him. Not... infront of other people though...."


- Dancing
- Being with others
- Katei
- Greeting people
- To be in a 'family'
- To eat sweets
- Strangers


- Crying
- Lonliness
- His happy mask
- Having people seeing his true self
- Someone leaving him
- Sadness

Additional Information

- He is very sensitive on the neck and ear
- "Happy people aren't as happy as you thought they were" Quote by Aijou
- Many people thought that he was in Highschool due to his 'maturity' and 'young face'
- Katei glares at Aijou when Aijou does weird things
- Katei acts like a mother to Aijou
- Aijou can easily be addicted to anything--- or anyone
- More will come, eventually

RP Sample

"Huaaaa Konnichiwa minna-saaan," Waved the ethusastic green hair boy, "Aijou Kakumau des, yoroshiku gozaimas~" Aijou smiled joyfully. Hoping around with a giant smile on his face. His allmate, Katei, walked behind him. With a sharp glare from it's eyes, Aijou continues to smile. "Awww~ Don't make that face Katei~ We have to be kind to others! Remember!" He laughed convincingly and his friend, fluffing his neck even though the dog gave the 'wat r u doing' face. The boy's eyes turned back and giggled playfully, "He doesn't normally act like this, he's probably grumpy because I forced him to come with where ever I go~" He scratched his head and gave a small sigh that was barely noticeable and tilted his head with a grin, "What's you're name?"
RP Method
I can rp whatever method you want~ q v q
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|Script Method| => |Comments| |Chatrooms| |Skype|

Kyannnn---- dA is not being nice to me, I wanted to finish with the codings but that it didn't do what I want it to do so I ended up giving up near the end... OTL
I think he's the first successful shota I ever had--- eeeep-----
UHMMMM----- I hope you like him :iconblushuplz:
I-I hope I get into this wonderful group desu----
Aijou Kakumau Tsurana
Katei Tsurana
Art Tsurana
Group & Application :iconre--volution:

SoraRoxas-15 Featured By Owner Mar 28, 2014  Hobbyist Digital Artist
1. You play DMMD? (I want to so bad, but I need to find a rom...)
2. He's looks so awesome, and his shibe puppy(so cute)!!
Tsurana Featured By Owner Mar 29, 2014  Student Digital Artist
I played a bit of DMMD because my sister left it out for a bit xD
adhkasjhh thank you so much q 7 q--- I can't draw animals anymore... Q // ~ // Q
SoraRoxas-15 Featured By Owner Mar 29, 2014  Hobbyist Digital Artist
I'm playing it right now(praying it won't crash). You're welcome ^___^ I can't draw animals to save my life. Whenever I attempt to draw a cat, it looks like a ferret with scoliosis. 
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